Leucadia is the location of two beach parks Leucadia State Beach and Encinitas County Beach.  Popular surfer destinations here are Grandview (accessed from Grandview Street), Beacon's (near Leucadia Blvd) and Stone Steps (off El Portal Street).   These are the only access areas.  Due to the beach's rocky nature and vertical cliffs it is not popular except among surfers.  However, this a good choice for those who really value seclusion.  The cliffs are perilous during high tide.  There are no restrooms, lifeguards, or places to eat.

Directions:  From Leucadia Blvd west cross the train tracks to Coast Hwy.  Take any side street off of Coast Hwy to Neptune.  Parking and beach access are around the cul-de-sacs at El Portal Street, Leucadia Blvd, and Grandview Streets. 

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  • Leucadia
  • Leucadia Boulevard west from 5 FWY
  • Leucadia - North County, CA
  • 760-633-2880
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